Plan a Digital Worker

Use the following list to help you plan the features and functions of your Digital Worker.

To plan a Digital Worker, consider the work that a person in the job role regularly does that includes repeatable and automatable activities.

What skills and experience must the human worker have to do the work? The use cases you define here are opportunities for Digital Workers.

Prepare a high-level summary of what this Digital Worker will do, and the automatable use cases for that work.

  • List the various steps, events, and tasks that this Digital Worker will do and use screenshots or a flow diagram.
  • Identify the trigger events and decisions being made to complete the work, what can be automated, and what can be learned with artificial intelligence (AI).
  • What are the possible variations to the typical use cases? Identify any variation that can automated or the limits to what the Digital Worker can do with the use cases.
  • Identify the systems being used and accessed in the use cases.

After thoroughly considering the specifics of the work to be done, list the skills and job role typically associated with the work and the Digital Worker, for example, a Human Resources Onboarding Specialist with the following skills:

  • Inputs profile information into the Human Resources System
  • Distributes Welcome Packets and Benefits Information
  • Manages the collection of New Hire Legal Documents

Consider the benefits of the Digital Worker. Evaluate the work being done for the job role by the Digital Worker and how it relates to the human counterpart and the overall business. Use quantitative and qualitative data to help define the benefits. Examples of questions to ask are as follows:

  • Is it offloading a reasonable percentage of repeatable and possibly mundane work from the human worker?
  • How much time, effort, and resources will be saved with the Digital Worker?
  • Will the employee's morale be improved if repeatable work is offloaded to a Digital Worker?

In Using the checklist and Readme template, you learn how to use the template to build according to Bot Store standards with all folder structures defined.