Select MetaBots to migrate

MetaBots can be migrated separately by selecting the option Bots and schedules in the Settings tab. The procedure is similar to that of migrating bots.


This tab is shown only if you select Bots and schedules in Settings tab.

Before selecting the MetaBots, review the following considerations:

  • MetaBots are migrated based on the user having at least one folder permission, specifically upload, download, delete, or execute.
  • A MetaBot is not migrated if it is a dependency of a Task Bot and the option Exclude MetaBots is selected. Migrate dependent MetaBots separately using the steps in this section.
  • A MetaBot is migrated regardless of its associated role or user being migrated to the 11.x Control Room.
  • Duplicate MetaBots are overwritten on migration only when the option Overwrite if bot already exists is selected.

  • 'My MetaBots' folder permissions are not propagated when a new folder is migrated in the destination Control Room.


  1. Go to the My MetaBots folder to migrate the bot(s) in theFolders list.
    The MetaBots corresponding to the selected folder appear in the Available bots list.
  2. You have two options:
    1. Click the check box next to MetaBot to select all MetaBots from that specific folder.
    2. Select specific MetaBot from the list of MetaBots.
  3. Add the bots to the Selected list.
  4. Click Next.

Next steps

To review and verify data, see the Verify data and migrate task.