Version Release Notes

These release notes contain new features and fixed features introduced in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Enterprise Client.

The Control Room Version has two different installers depending on your base version. See Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations.

New features

There are no new features introduced for Control Room in this version.

There are no new features introduced for Bot Insight in this version.

Enterprise Client new features
Zendesk ticket ID Description
Install Enterprise Client plug-ins without internet access. (Zendesk # 109845, 159099) Introduced the installation of the Enterprise Client plug-ins, namely Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, and Google Chrome in offline mode. If you do not have internet access, you can use the command window to install the plug-ins. See Install plug-ins in offline mode

Changed features

There are no changed features in this version.

Fixed features

There are no fixed features for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room fixed features
Zendesk ticket ID Description
204214 You can now change the license from Bot Runner to Bot Creator without any error.
Enterprise Client fixed features
Zendesk ticket ID Description
206634 You can properly run the task in the Database command using the Stored Procedure option without any error, even when the Stored Procedure is binding within the package.
205867, 206786, 208603, 211885 In the Variable Operation command, when doing a mathematical operation using the System Variables (for example: $Date$, $Day$), you now get the same result with or without a space.
204346, 210479 In the Oracle application, the Select Item by Text and Select item by Index actions are now supported with the single line command and multiline commands individually and in combination with the LeftClick action.
205904 The MetaBot focus is not lost when task execution completes. You can now configure a property to enable or disable the setfocus API.
195585, 172792, 166886, 131235

You can now view the Raw Data parameters in the SOAP Web Service command after migrating the tasks from Version 10.5.

206077 The tasks created in Version 10.5 using the Object Cloning command properly capture and retrieve the details of the Silverlight object when they are migrated to Version 11.3.1.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes listed for this version.

Deprecated features

There are no deprecated features listed for this version.

Known limitations

There are no new known limitations listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room known limitations

If you have base Version 11.3.1 installed and you install Version and then Version, the Control Panel > View Installed Updates shows two entries - one for and another for When you uninstall the patch, ensure that you uninstall the (base 11.3.1) patch first and then the patch.

Enterprise Client known limitations

When upgrading from Version 11.3 to Version, the Google Chrome plug-in is unavailable. To ensure that the Google Chrome plug-in enables properly, open Google Chrome from the Version 11.3 version before upgrading to