Using SAP remote function call

Automation Anywhere Enterprise provides a command node to run remote function calls in SAP that allows you to send data to BAPI or store values from BAPI into different variables. The Remote Function Call includes Create Function, Invoke Function, Set Data, and Get Data.

Note: We recommend that users using the remote function calls have knowledge of BAPI as the variables used to assign values are used in complex processes.

To use a remote function call:


  1. Expand the SAP Integration command node and double-click the Run Remote Function Calls command.
    The SAP Integration dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a name for the session in the Session Name field.
  3. If you select the Create Function option:
    1. Enter name of the SAP function you want to use in the Function Alias Name field.
    2. Enter name of the BAPI you want to use in the BAPI Name field.

      Click Select, to select the BAPI from the BAPI Manager dialog box.

    3. You can select the Begin Sequence option, to mark the starting point of a process.
  4. If you select the Invoke Function option:
    1. Enter the name of the function used in Create Function to invoke in the Function Alias Name field. You can use multiple instances of Invoke Function option to invoke various functions of a process. These instances must be used in the sequence corresponding to the task you want to automate.
    2. You can select the End Sequence option, to mark the end of the process.
    3. You can select the Commit Transaction, to commit changes made during the process.
  5. Select the Get Data option:

    You can use the Get Data function to retrieve BAPI results available in Field, Table, and Structure formats. You can store the retrieved values in Table, Function, Structure, Memory, Variable, and CSV as per the format used for retrieval.

    Table 1. The following option are available to Get Data
    Option Sub-options
    Field Table


    Table Memory


    Structure Memory


    Based on the options you have selected for Get and From section, the relevant options are displayed.
  6. Select the Set Data option to post input values to the BAPI function.
    Input parameters can be stored in the form of Fields, Table, and Structure in SAP.
    The following options are available:
    • Field
      • Table
      • Function
      • Structure
    • Table: Specify the table alias name in the field.
    • Structure: Specify the structure alias name in the field.
  7. Click Save.