Add an asset to a MetaBot

Add screens, DLLs, and folders as assets to MetaBots.


Complete the Create a basic MetaBot task.

Verify that the screen you want to capture is opened. For example, go to AA Test Page.

Note: Standard > Screen Capture option is not supported with Google Chrome browser. Use the Web Recorder that only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


  1. In the MetaBot Designer, click Add Screen.
    Note: If Add Screen is not visible, expand the MetaBot Designer window.
    The Open Screens window opens.
  2. Select Standard or Object Cloning for the capture type.
  3. Click the screen to add.
    A thumbnail of the screen is visible when it is added as an asset.

Next steps

All MetaBots need logic to enable its assets to work. Create Logic for a MetaBot is the next step in the parent task Create a basic MetaBot.