View scheduled bot details

Use the View scheduled bot page to view details of a bot after it is scheduled to run.


The following permissions are required:
  • View everyone's In progress activity
  • View my scheduled bots
  • View my bots

The following table describes the different areas of the View scheduled bot page.

Area Description
BOT + DEPENDENCIES The name of the bot and dependencies for the scheduled bot.
SCHEDULE + DEVICES The date and time at which the bot has been scheduled with the name of the device connected to the bot.
NAME + DESCRIPTION The name and description for the bot.
RUN DETAILS The run details for the bot. For example, when the bot last ran.
SCHEDULED DETAILS The following details for the schedule are displayed:
  • Schedule type: Whether the schedule runs once or repeatedly.
  • Next occurrence: When the schedule runs again.
  • Start date: The date when the schedule runs for the first time.
  • End date: The date when the schedule stops running.
GENERAL DETAILS The following details for the schedule are displayed:
  • Last modified: The date and time the bot was last modified.
  • Object type: The object type of the bot, such as scheduled bot.
  • Modified by: The name of the user who last made changes to the scheduled bot.
    Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about the user who last modified the folder.


  1. Click Edit to update the bot schedule.
  2. Click Activate or Deactivate to activate or deactivate the schedule.