Configure Elasticsearch credentials

Continue from the Control Room installer to the Elasticsearch credential wizard page. From this installation wizard, specify the Elasticsearch credential details for secure access to Elasticsearch data stored in the Control Room.


  1. Enter and confirm the password in the Elasticsearch password and Confirm Elasticsearch password fields.
    Note: If you installed the Control Room patch or later, you must use the same password that was provided to you at the time of installation. If you enter a different password, the system does not identify it and you cannot log in to the Control Room.
    • The Elasticsearch password should be same as the primary Control Room node password.

      You can also set up a new Elasticsearch password and Elasticsearch certificate. To do these, clear the entries in the ES_SETTINGS table of the database and then apply the patch with a new password.

    • Your Elasticsearch authentication password cannot include a space, semicolon (;), percent (%), or backslash (\). Also, the first character cannot be a minus sign (-) or forward slash (\), and you must include at least one alphabetical character. Change your password before the Control Room installation.
  2. If you want to set up a backup server to store your Control Room data, select the Check if installing on the first node of backup server check box. Configure only the first node in the backup cluster.
    This is enabled only if the Enable Cluster Setup check box is selected in the Cluster Configuration wizard page.

    Configure the backup server's local IP address in the Cluster Configuration page .

  3. Browse and Select a zip file from the config/certs folder containing the certificates of the primary node in the cluster.
    When specifying the certificates zip file in the Provide Elasticsearch Credentials dialog box, the zip file name can be any valid file name. The zipped file containing the main Control Room Elasticsearch certificates must not contain any folders. Only the certificates from the primary Control Room node must be contained in the certificates zip file.
  4. Click Next to Enterprise 11: Configure application Transport Layer Security.