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Using the smart recorder

  • Mis à jour le : 2020/05/14
    • 11.3.x
    • Explorer
    • Enterprise

Using the smart recorder

Use the Smart Recorder to record the capturing of objects from applications such as HTML, Java, WPF, Flex and Silverlight.

Capture actions through an object window and save the keystrokes and mouse clicks in the Actions list for the Object Cloning command in the Workbench.
Note: Special keystrokes such as Tab and Enter are saved as separate actions within the command.
Tip: To navigate across controls, use Click actions instead of TAB.
To create an automation task using the Smart Recorder:


Select Smart Recorder.
From the Record button list, click the (down arrow) icon beside Record button to make selection.
Note: Other ways to select the smart recorder:
Choose an Option
Click on New Task button.
Select Smart Recorder.
Menu in System Tray
Click the Enterprise Client in the System Tray.
Select Record.
Short-cut keys.
Ctrl + Alt + R.
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