Variable Operation command

Use the Variable Operation command to assign variables to a Task Bot / MetaBot Logic.


The Variable Operation command enables admins to assign or reinitialize user-specified variables. The type and source of a variable impact the assignment and reinitializing.

User variables
Assigns or reinitializes an existing user variable to a value. The right side of the equal to operator can be a regular operation.
Note: The following operators are supported: ( ) / , * + and -. The left and right parentheses take precedence, and the operation within them is evaluated from left to right.
You can define a specific behavior for the comma operator manually. See Set comma behavior in Variable Operation command.
You can specify values in English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish.
You can set the decimal place for all mathematical operations to support rounding off numbers to the required decimal place. Select the Decimal configuration check box option. By default, this option is disabled. Set the value of the decimal place in the range of 0 through 16. The default value is 4.
Note: For the division operation, if the decimal configuration setting is enabled in both Control Room and Enterprise Client, the configuration defined for Enterprise Client will take priority.
System variables
Resets the value of a system-created variable. Select from the following system variables:
  • Email Cc
  • Email From
  • Email Message
  • Email Received Date
  • Email Received Time
  • Email Sent Date
  • Email Sent Time
  • Email Subject
  • Email To
  • Error Description
  • Error Line Number
  • WorkItem
  • WorkItemResult