Enterprise 11: Deploy Power BI connector

Deploy the data connector in Power BI to retrieve information from the Bot Insight API to enable data analytics.


Starting from Version and later, you can access the AABotInsightV3.mez data connector in the installation path in the Automation Anywhere/Enterprise/Connectors folder. For versions earlier than Version, ensure that you have access to the Automation Anywhere App Box for the AABotInsightV3.mez data connector application setup file. Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11.3.5 - App Box


  1. Copy the AABotInsightV3.mez data connector application setup file to C:\<user_dir_on_powerbi_desktop_machine>\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors.
    Note: The default installation path for systems running Mac or Linux operating system is <Documents>\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors.
  2. In the Power BI desktop, navigate to Options > Security > Data Extensions, and select Allow any extension to load without validation or warning.
  3. Restart the Power BI desktop.
  4. Access the Power BI data connector.