Version Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations introduced in Version of Automation Anywhere components Control Room, Enterprise Client, and Bot Insight. This release requires a complete setup.

New features

Control Room new features
Feature Description
Provision to change new workload interval in workload properties file Introduced a sample code that enables a user to customize the time interval for processing new workload automation. Save the code as a properties file - in the application path config folder of the Automation Anywhere Control Room. See Sample Workload Management properties file for details.
Enterprise Client new features
Feature Description
Error Handling command support to update Work Item status In Work Load Management, Work Item status can be set using Error Handling command as follows: If the bot execution status is set as failed, the work item status is set to "unsuccessful" and "completed" when the bot execution status is set as completed. See Enterprise 11: Manage Work Items for more information.
Bot Insight new features
Feature Description
Localization support for additional languages.

Bot Insight UI labels are in four new languages:

  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish

Changed features

There are no changed features listed for Enterprise Client in this version.

There are no changed features listed for Control Room in this version.

There are no changed features listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Fixed features

Control Room fixed features
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
133764 Control Room Workload Management deployment was optimized. Redeployments no longer experience delays.
98237 RDP-based deployment no longer fails when Bot user credentials include the "|" (pipe) character. Bot user credentials now support all the special characters.
85920,118115 A user with multiple domain names containing the"-" (hyphen) in an email address can now be created successfully.
Enterprise Client fixed features
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
103817 The Download File command in Web Recorder now downloads the file successfully when the same bot runs across different machines with the installed Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client.
147109 When a user tries to capture an object in the customer's JAVA-based web application using the Object Cloning command, the Get Property action now fetches all the properties values regardless of the defined Search Criteria.
145325 When the user runs the bot from the Control Room, then AATaskExecutor (Execution_Type) no longer returns a NULL value and instead shows appropriate messages, for example,"Run from Control Room (Run bot)" when a bot is run manually and "Run from Control Room (One time Scheduled)" when a bot is scheduled.
141982 In the Variable Operation command, the Array variable no longer is rounded off and shows the exact value.
138818 In a JAVA-based application, the Get Cell Text by Index option in the Object Cloning command now highlights the object of the table.
130141 The Object Cloning command now works even if height, width, top, left, and other properties are set to null or white space. As a result, tasks built on any web application on version 10.5.8 run successfully when run on Automation Anywhere Client 11.3.1.
136153, 140162, 141583, 144898, 150729 The Counter variable in the Excel Set Cell command now works properly. If header is enabled, then the counter variable starts updating from Excel row 2. Otherwise, the counter starts updating from Excel row 1.
132863 The Get Node option in the XML Integration command no longer throws an error when using multiple nodes in an XML file that also uses comments.
132336, 133453 The REST Web Service command now gives the correct response "200:OK." The request now also contains the entity body and Content-Type header.
113499, 119505, 120055 In the SAP BAPI Manager, the Import and Export Structures now get populated. As a result, the customer can now successfully automate the SAP-related process.
113277, 114176, 119804, 121538, 130699, 133689, 136759, 137225, 138822, 139840, 142566, 142922, 145265, 145687, 147031, 148016 Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client service getting stopped because of memory leaks resulting from a bot deployment is now resolved.
Bot Insight fixed features
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
-- High CPU rates in Control Room due to data refresh frequency is fixed. The default data refresh frequency was changed from real-time to hourly.
-- Full-screen dashboard button response is fixed. Expanded dashboards now open in a new browser. The button was moved to the right corner of the dashboard.
-- Returned value set for Date is fixed. When you run the date request, v1/botinsight/data/api/getbotrundata/1/$/{Date Value}, it now returns the full set of 12 variables.
131051 Working dashboard data fails to load after upgrade from Automation Anywhere Version 11.3.x to Version 11.3.1 is fixed.
130838 Dashboard widgets fail at progressing screen with fresh installation of Version 11.3.1 is fixed.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes listed for Control Room in this version.

There are no security fixes listed for Enterprise Client in this version.

Bot Insight security fixes
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
134812 The httponly flag for session cookies displayed in Bot Insight dashboards was changed from Httponly to HttpOnly to comply with RFC standards.
103360 The two methods of XSS vulnerability with Bot Insight service deployment are fixed.
116824, 120973, 118240 Disable HTTP Options and HTTP Traceare fixed by changing the default on both from Enabled to Disabled.

Deprecated features

There are no deprecated features listed for this version.

Known limitations

Control Room known limitations

The search function in Control Room Audit Log page does not support ( ) (open and close brackets). If you search terms that contain these special characters, the Control Room shows an error.

Enterprise Client known limitations

When the $ExcelCellRow$ is assigned to $PromptAssignment$ or any local variable, it will be treated like a counter variable and hence when the variable is used in the Excel Set Cell command it will increment the counter if the Excel Header is included.

When upgrading from Version 11.3 to Version, the Google Chrome plug-in is unavailable. To ensure that the Google Chrome plug-in enables properly, open Google Chrome from the Version 11.3 version before upgrading to

Bot Insight known limitations

  • After upgrade from Automation Anywhere Version 11.3 to Version, audit dashboards fail to load workload widgets in workload dashboards.


    1. Run the command prompt (cmd.exe) as Administrator.
    2. Browse to the Control Room install directory. Default path is C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise
    3. Execute bimigration.bat.
  • Upgrading to Automation Anywhere Enterprise Version, from Version 11.3.1 or Version with an existing SQL Server database for your dashboard metadata repository, is not supported.

    For Bot Insight users upgrading to Version who currently have their dashboard metadata repository in PostgreSQL Server, the metadata database migration from PostgreSQL Server to SQL Server is currently not supported.

    Using SQL Server for the dashboard metadata database is supported on fresh installations with only new databases.

  • All operational dashboards are impacted and cannot be imported when you upgrade from Version 11.2.1 or later to Version You cannot import the extracted JSON file from the BiLibUpdate file to Zoomdata as this is a Zoomdata issue that cannot be fixed.