Edit a role

Only an administrator or a user with permission to edit role can access the Edit role option to modify information such as feature permissions, bots, devices, users and security.

If a role or permission is updated, the respective users must re-login or refresh the browser for the changes to appear on Control Room.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Roles.
  2. For a specific role in the roles list, hover over the action menu (vertical ellipsis) and select Edit role option.

    The Edit role page appears.

  3. You can edit or update any of the following options:
    • Features: Allows you to add or revoke role permissions.

    • Bots: Allows you to add or revoke access to folders on the Bots tab.

      Also, you can select the actions a user can perform on files within the folder.

    • Devices: Allows you to add or remove devices that a the selected role has access to on the Devices tab.
      Note: If a bot is scheduled on a device, the device is shown disabled in the selected area.
    • Users: Allows you to add or remove users who have permission to access the role.
      Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about other users.
    • Security: Enable Two Factor Authentication.
      Note: The Two Factor Authentication is disabled by default. See Enabling Two-factor authentication.
  4. Click Save changes.
    Note: A user with View and Manage Role permission can view all the roles. However, the user cannot edit details of Admin and Locker Admin roles.