Version Release Notes

Review the new features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Enterprise Client.

You can use the bot conversion utility to convert all the bots using the Internet Explorer browser to work in the Microsoft Edge with IE mode.

See Scanning and converting bots that use Internet Explorer.

Feature in this release

Enterprise Client
Commands supported in Microsoft Edge with IE mode

After you move your application to Microsoft Edge with IE mode, use the bot conversion utility to convert each bot running on Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. Your existing automations built on Internet Explorer 11 will now run in Microsoft Edge with IE mode.

In addition, you can create new bots as the system supports the Microsoft Edge with IE mode.

The following commands are supported in Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode:
  • Screen Capture
  • Windows Actions
  • Insert Keystrokes
  • Launch Website
  • Manage Window Controls
  • OCR
  • Open Program/File
  • Loop
  • Delay/Wait
  • MetaBot
  • App Integration
  • Object Cloning
  • Image Recognition
  • Web Recorder
  • Mouse

Control Room fixed feature

Service Cloud Case ID Description
00792877,01162219, 01759226, 01764628 A work item is now processed only once, without any issues. Previously, the work item was processed twice, resulting in duplicate values.

Known limitations

Enterprise Client
There are certain limitations and behaviors that apply to bots that run on Microsoft Internet Explorer and are converted to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. These known behaviors exist in the scanner, conversion utility, as well as in some commands.


Version does not support the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge with Google Chrome extension plug-in.

See Supported browsers

Control Room
When upgrading the Control Room to Version, you might experience a downtime. Before you start the upgrade, pause all the WLM queues and ensure that there are no Work Items in progress.

Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations

Do not uninstall the Version patch because if you uninstall the patch, a few files will not be replaced correctly. As a result, the audit and dashboards will not work. For example, if you unintentionally uninstalled the Version patch, you must then remove the files manually for the audit and dashboards to work.
Note: We recommend that you do not uninstall Version Also, before upgrading, take a backup of the Enterprise folder.