Enterprise 11: Editing a dashboard widget

You can edit the properties of a widget in a dashboard based on your requirements. There are numerous options available to do so, such as using Chart Filters, Chart Style, Metric-based filters, and Comparison Metrics.

To edit a widget in a Bot Insight dashboard, do the following:


  1. Open the dashboard for which you want to edit the widget.
  2. Click the Functions icon on the top-right of the widget that you want to edit.
    The following options are available on the menu:
    • Chart Filters: Select this option to add filters on the chart.
    • Chart Style: Select this option to change the chart style and its settings.
    • Delete: Select this option to delete the widget from the dashboard.
    • Active Filter: Select this option to apply row-level filters. You can create a new filter or apply a saved filter.
  3. You can click the bottom of a widget to change the attribute of the chart displayed within the widget.
  4. Click Save As, specify a name for the updated dashboard in the Name field, and then click Okay.