View in progress activity details

You can view in real time, monitor, and manage all ongoing automations on bots in the Control Room.


The following permissions are required:
  • View everyone's In progress activity
  • View my In progress activity
  • Run my bots with corresponding folder permissions


  1. Click Activity > In Progress
  2. Select an ongoing automation.
  3. Click the view icon.
    The View activity in progress page is launched, which shows the following details:
    Area Description
    BOT + DEPENDENCIES The name of the bot and dependencies for the scheduled bot.
    DEVICES The name of the device connected to the bot.
    NAME + DESCRIPTION The name and description for the activity. By default, this displays the bot name, and the date, time, and name of the user who ran the bot.
    RUN DETAILS The run details for the bot, which include:
    • Progress: The bot progress in percentage
    • Status: Active, Paused, Unknown or Waiting for user input
    • Started on: The date and time when the bot was executed
    • Line + Command: The current line number and command name of that line
      Note: The details of the command are not displayed for the protected bots that are downloaded from the Bot Store.
    GENERAL DETAILS The details for the bot execution, including:
    • Last modified: The date and time when the bot was last modified.
    • Modified by: The name of the user who last made changes to the bot.
      Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about the user who last modified the folder.
    • Object type: The type of object of the bot, such as Run Bot.
  4. Choose to pause, play, stop, or move the activity to the historical activity page.
    1. Click Play to run a bot that is Paused.
    2. Click Pause to interrupt a bot that is Active (In progress).
    3. Click Stop to stop the in-progress bot.
      A message is displayed asking you to confirm the action:
      • Click Yes, stop to return to the In progress page.
      • Click No, Cancel to return to the View activity in progress details page.
    4. Click Move to history to move the activity that is in Unknown status from the In progress activity page to the Historical activity page.
    Note: You cannot pause/resume or stop an automation that has queues from the View activity in progress page. You can do those activities from the Workload → Queues page by using the View Automation option. See Enterprise 11: Manage Work Items.