Configure timeout for Auto Login

The maximum time period using Auto Login is configurable in the Enterprise Client when a system is locked, logged out, or disconnected. When a system is configured, it waits until Auto Login succeeds. The timeout value can increase or decrease according to the success of the system to deploy bots.


  1. Navigate to the Enterprise Client application path.
    Default path: C:\Users\<UserName>\My Documents\Automation Anywhere Files\
  2. Open the AA.Settings.xml file in edit mode.
  3. Enter the timeout value (in seconds) in the following tag:
    The default value of the timeout is 60 seconds.
    Consider that your machine is in a locked state: if timeout is configured as 60 seconds, the machine will wait a maximum of 60 seconds for Auto Login to successfully unlock the machine.
  4. Save and close the file.