Using the checklist and Readme template

Use the checklist that lists requirements for Bot Store submissions.

Use the Readme template file that is also available on GitHub.

Automation Anywhere provides checklist for Bot Store submissions that is available for download from GitHub Sample Bot.

Follow the steps outlined in Enterprise 11: Checklist for Bot Store submissions.


  1. Download Sample Bot from GitHub.
  2. Submit your bot or Digital Worker as a single zip package with all folders and files at the root of zip file.
    The zip package must have the following folder structure:
    • My Tasks
    • My MetaBots
    • Error Folder
    • Input Folder
  3. Use the provided Readme template on GitHub. The Readme file template contains the necessary details that you need get started with a bot or a Digital Worker.

    README Template (save as a PDF).docx. Submit the final Readme file in PDF format.

    If the zip package for paid bots and Digital Workers is not created using the steps outlined in create the zip package using Enterprise client, your submission to the Bot Store will fail.

Next steps

The Bot Store framework is ready and you can begin coding.

In Building with modular logic, you learn how to develop a Digital Worker in a way that encourages reusability.