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Edit a schedule

  • 업데이트: 2020/01/21
    • 11.3.x
    • 탐색
    • Enterprise

Edit a schedule

You can edit a bot schedule from the Scheduled activity page to ensure that the automation is not skipped because of a change in the schedule type, date, or time, when Bot Runners are added or removed, or when the settings are updated.


You require the following permissions:

  • Delete my scheduled activity
  • View and manage all scheduled activity from my folders
  • View and manage all scheduled activity


  1. Select a schedule in the Activity tab.
  2. Click the Edit icon.
  3. In the Edit scheduled bot page, make changes to the bot depending on your requirements.
    Important: Select the bots and devices because these are required to Save your changes.
  4. Click Schedule bot.
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