How Select Technology works in Object Cloning command

The Object Cloning command enables you to select an option to specify the technology of the object being captured.

You can use the Select Technology option to configure the Object Cloning command to use the selected technology for the target application. With this option, you can ensure the detection of objects using specific technology.

When you save a bot using the Save as XML option, you can view the technology value in the exported XML file. The technology used is recorded in the CaptureTechnology tag in the XML file.

The technology option works differently based on the Enterprise Client version:

  • Version 11.3.3 and later: You select an option from the Select Technology list to specify the technology of the target application. Tasks created store the value from this field in the tag.
  • Versions prior to Version 11.3.3 : You select the Legacy Technology option when the target application uses legacy applications. Tasks created store the value from this option in the tag.

The following table shows the value of the CaptureTechnology tag for tasks created in different versions of the Enterprise Client:

Version Option Value of the CaptureTechnology tag
Version 11.3.3 and later Any technology selected Selected technology
Prior to Version 11.3.3 Legacy true Legacy
Legacy false Default
Legacy true updated to default in Version 11.3.3 Legacy