Version Release Notes

Review the fixed features in Version for Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client. There are no new features, changed features, security fixes, or any known limitations in this release. Only the Enterprise Client patch installer is available in this release.

Fixed features

Enterprise Client
Zendesk ticket ID//Service Cloud case ID Description
235147 The Save as XML file option now exports tasks that have the If-Else If-Else command with any conditions. The Export function no longer skips other commands when the Else If command is available within the task.
208710 XML file is now correctly exported for a Task Bot when the Error Handling, Loop, or If/Else conditional commands are deleted or disabled.
00534743 You can now correctly export a task file with variables in the If command with the Image Recognition condition to an XML file format.
00563132 In the Object Cloning command, the Save as XML file option now supports invalid XML characters. Previously, an error appeared and the XML file was not generated.
00524226 During bot deployment, if the Bot Runner fails to download the bot, the system will now attempt retry for the number of times specified in the AAClientService.exe.config file for the following reasons:
  • TLS mismatch
  • Network issue
  • Bot download request timeout
  • No space on disk

If the Bot Runner fails to download the bot despite the retry, an appropriate error message is recorded in the AAClientService.logs on the Enterprise Client machine.

00616537 After repackaging the MSI files, you can now install all four plugins (Google Chrome, Java, Microsoft Silverlight, and Adobe Flex) on the same machine successfully.