Running the task and analyzing data

You need to run the task that you have configured for business analysis and analyze the data.


Enable the task for analytics. See Configuring a task for business analysis.

To run a task and analyze the data, do the following:


  1. Select the task you have enabled for business analytics in the Enterprise Client.
  2. Click Edit on the toolbar.
  3. Click Run on the toolbar.
  4. After the task is completed, click the ANALYZE tab.
    The Bot Insight dashboard for the selected task appears.
  5. You can click the Data Profile tab to view data available for each variable that is tagged for analytics.
  6. You can click the Rank option to view the statistical distribution of the data row for the values of each variable.
  7. You can click the Dashboard tab to view the KPIs, donut charts, and timeline charts.
    You can use the data filter slider to specify the period for which the information is displayed on the dashboard.

    Default attributes of a widget

    Each widget available in a dashboard contains the following attributes:
    • Machine Name: The name of the machine on which the automation task ran.
    • Run date: The date when the automation task ran.

    These default attributes are available along with other variables that are tagged for a task for analytics.