Enterprise 11: Use Credential Vault to store user IDs, passwords, and other sensitive data

Store all user IDs and passwords in the Credential Vault in the Control Room, which is then referenced in the bot code.


Important: Never hardwire user IDs and passwords ed as variables in tasks because this introduces a security risk.


  1. Log in to the Control Room as a Bot Creator.
  2. From the left menu, go to ADMINISTRATION > Roles.
  3. In the top right corner, click Create role.
  4. Enter text in the following fields:
    • Role name
    • Role description (optional)
  5. Scroll down to Manage my credentials and lockers and select View and edit ALL credentials attributes value.
  6. Click Create role.
  7. In the left menu, go to BOTS > Credentials, and select Credentials.
  8. Click Create credential.
    Give the credential a name and add attributes for example, username, password, or others, to make it available for use in other Task Bots and MetaBots.
  9. Click Create credential.
  10. Go to BOTS > Credentials, and click Create locker.
    All available credentials appear under Available Credentials.
  11. In the Locker name field, type a name for the locker.
  12. Select the credentials that were just created, and add them to the Selected column.
  13. Click the CONSUMERS tab.
  14. Select roles from the Available roles column and add them to the Selected column.
  15. Click Create locker.

Next steps

Now the Credential is available to use as an input for values in Task Bots and MetaBots.

Following are some important facts about using variables:
  • Developer-created variables can be used with most Automation Anywhere commands.
  • All command fields with the light bulb icon support variables.
  • Press the F2 function key to list all user and system variables that are available for a selection.
  • When a Task Bot runs, Automation Anywhere replaces the variable name with the actual value of the variable.
Important: Credential variables are not visible until a Control Room user with Locker Admin privileges enables the setting in the Control Room. When the setting is enabled, credential variables are available for passing as parameters from one Task Bot/MetaBot Logic to another Task Bot/MetaBot Logic. Read Passing parameters from and to MetaBot Logic for details.
For more information on how to use the Credential Vault, see Credentials- Overview and Credential variables.
Note: If a Task Bot or MetaBot is run directly from the Control Room, the credentials used from the Credential Vault might need to be manually reassigned. For example, if a MetaBot is run from the Control Room, open the MetaBot and reassign any input parameters that are stored in the Credential Vault.