Enterprise 11 disaster recovery failover steps overview

Overview of failover steps for Automation Anywhere recovery after a disaster.


Complete the disaster recovery deployment on two geographically separated sites, where one site is primary (active) and the other is a backup (passive/standby) site. Disaster recovery is performed on remote backup sites.

The procedure is identical regardless of whether switching over from primary to secondary (recovery), or secondary to primary.

If the failed Control Room nodes are still available:


  1. Shut off all Control Room services at the primary site.
  2. Failover all Control Room-related databases using the database tools.
  3. Failover your Server Message Block (SMB) share using the appropriate tools to make the recovery site SMB file share writable.
  4. Start Control Room services at the recovery site.
  5. Wait until the Control Room web interface is available.
  6. If operating Credential Vault in manual mode, supply the master key.
  7. Login to the Control Room web interface as an administrator.
  8. For each of the recovery site Bot Runners:
    1. Log in to the Windows console.
    2. Launch the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client service.
    3. Enter the appropriate Control Room credentials for the Bot Runner.
  9. Confirm bots are executing as expected by examining activity and the audit log in the Control Room web interface.
  10. After the recovery site is operating as the primary site, configure a replacement secondary site.
    Now that your previously secondary recovery site is now your primary working site, you need a new recovery (secondary) recovery site.
    1. Using the database tools, set replication from the recovery primary site to the replacement secondary site.
    2. Update the database and login to the Bot Runners on the recovery (DR secondary) site.
      Verify the secondary site Control Room is running with the production (primary) site Bot Runnerdata.
    3. Enter IP addresses of the new DR cluster on the Control Room Settings page.
      The new DR site IP addresses can be the same as the original primary DR site IP addresses. This is useful, if the original primary site is able to be recovered and used as a member of the cluster. See Configuring DR site Elasticsearch IP addresses.
    4. Check services.

      Run only the Automation Anywhere Elastic Search Service. Shutdown all other Automation Anywhere services.