Using coordinate play mode

Use the coordinate play mode to capture the coordinates of an object. Use this mode if the position of the object does not change in an application.


Ensure that the application or website from which you want to capture objects is open.

To capture an object using the coordinate play mode, do the following:


  1. Drag or double-click the Object Cloning command.
    The Object Cloning dialog box appears.
  2. Select the application or website you want to use from the Select Window list.
  3. Click Capture to capture an object.
  4. Hover the pointer over the object you want to capture.
    A red highlight appears around the object and its properties are captured.
  5. Select the Coordinates play mode.
    The position of the selected object is displayed as X and Y coordinates.
  6. You can update the values in the X, Y, and Title fields.
  7. You can click the Re-Capture Position option to recapture the coordinates of the object.
  8. Select an option from the Select Action To Perform list to specify the action to be performed on the captured object:
    • Left Click
    • Middle Click
    • Right Click
    • Double Click
    • Get Text
    • Set Text
  9. Select the Legacy Technology option when the target application uses legacy applications or is a secure environment.
    By default, this option is selected when you capture an object using legacy technologies.
  10. Click Save.