Creating a bot package

Enhance your experience to seamlessly create a zip package of a bot or Digital Worker with the dependencies from the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client, and then submit it to the Bot Store when you want to publish the bots or Digital Worker for the end users.


Ensure that the Master Bot file of the Digital Worker or the bot that requires to be packaged is stored in the Bot Store > <Digital Worker> > My Tasks folder. See Organizing Bot Store Digital Workers and bots.

To create a zip package, do the following:


  1. Navigate to the Tasks > Bot Store > <Digital Worker> > My Tasks subfolder.
  2. Right-click the Master Bot file (.atmx file) and select Create Zip .
    You can also select Create Zip from the Actions menu. See Working with tasks.
    • If the selected task has no dependency, the Save As dialog box appears. Go to Step 4.
    • If the selected task has dependencies, the Create Zip dialog box appears showing all the dependent MetaBot and Task files of the selected Master Bot file.
      Note: If the selected task has invalid dependencies, the exceptions are shown in the Remarks column. You must resolve these dependencies to successfully create a zip file.
  3. Click Create Zip.
    The Save As dialog box appears.
  4. Specify a location to save the zip file.
    Note: By default the filename of the zipped file is the same as the Digital Worker. You can also change it as required.
  5. Click Open to access the zip file.
    The zip file contains a manifest file, a Readme file(.pdf) and the three folders: Input Folder, Error Folder, and My MetaBot that are automatically created if they do not already exist. See Digital Worker packaging.
    Note: While creating a zip package for a Bot Store bot or digital worker, the default BotName-VendorName-Readme.pdf must be exported with the ZIP package if:
    • The ReadMe.pdf is not available in the Digital Worker's root folder.
    • It is not added as a manual dependency to the task.

Next steps

After successfully creating the zip package, you can now submit it to the Bot Store using the Bot Submission form available in the Bot Store. See Posting to the Bot Store.