Complete post-migration activities

After all intended entities are migrated, do the post-migration tasks before using the v11.x.x Control Room.


To analyze the migration status, see the Analyze migration status task.
  • By default, all migrated schedules are disabled. To activate schedules post-migration, manually add the devices to the migrated schedules.
  • To bookmark the Dashboards for quick access and retrieval, re-create them.


  1. Do the following to on-board the migrated schedules:
    1. Install the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client v11.x.
    2. Register the Enterprise Client devices with the migrated user.
    3. Edit the schedules to add the required devices.
    4. Enable the schedule.
      See Schedule a bot for the last two steps.
  2. Remove dependencies manually from the bot.
    Manual dependencies of a schedule in 10.x are automatically migrated. Because these are static, an updated bot (new version) does not update the dependent files. The manual dependencies cannot be deleted from the bot repository. Remove them manually from the bot. Manual dependencies also do not get downloaded from the Control Room when a bot with dependencies is downloaded.
  3. Do the following to add a schedule's manual dependencies created in the source Control Room that has version control configured:
    1. Download the required file or files, that is, do a rollback from version history.
    2. Manually add the reference dependencies.
    3. Save the task.
    4. Set the production version to run the task.
  4. Migrate the dashboard bookmarks.