Manage multiple browser profiles for Manifest V3 extension in Enterprise 11

Enterprise 11 Version automatically includes Manifest V3 extensions to support browser-based automation. By default, these Manifest V3 extensions in Version are for a single browser profile only.

You can enable browser extension for only one browser profile at a time. If you have multiple browser profiles, you must:
  • Enable the browser extension from the profile you are using to run the bots.
  • Disable the Enterprise 11 browser extension from all other browser profiles.

Additionally, you can enable debug logging, for troubleshooting purposes.

Note: This procedure applies to browsers using the Manifest V3 extension.


To enable or disable the browser extension individually for each browser profile:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Navigate to chrome://extensions/.
  3. Select Details in Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11 and select Extension options.
    The following dialog is displayed:Browser extension option
  4. Select or deselect the Enable Automation Anywhere Client extension for this browser profile option.
    Note: When you enable this option, only the current active profile is used for communication with the AAE Client.
  5. Select Enable debug logging to troubleshoot any browser extension issues.
  6. Click Save and then restart the browser and the AAE Client to update the extension changes.
  7. To verify that you enabled the debug option:
    1. Press F12 key or Ctrl+Shft+I keys on an active browser window.
    2. In the Developer console, select the Application tab and then select Service Workers.
    3. Click See all registrations.
      In the Service Workers window, the extension ID in chrome://extensions and the ID in the Service Workers window is the same, and the Log field displays the logs continuously.