App Integration command

Use the App Integration command to integrate applications with an automated task and capture text data.


The App Integration command is based on legacy technology and has certain limitations on specific applications. To seamlessly obtain data from applications / screens, use other tools such as Object Cloning command and MetaBots.

Technologies and options

The App Integration command supports the following technologies:
  • Browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • DOS Command Prompt
  • Java Applet
  • Java Application
  • Telnet Unix Shell
  • Windows Application
  • Other
Capture objects using the following options:
Capture Window: Specify an application window title. When running the task, Automation Anywhere will capture the window as an image.
Capture Area: Specify a specific area of an application window to capture.
Capture Scrollable Text: Specify an area with scrollable text to capture all of the text in that area.
  • Use this to capture scrollable text that you cannot normally copy from documents.
    Important: Only text that is visible on screen is captured from a PDF.
  • Use the option to trim the captured text so that the leading and trailing spaces can be removed.
Note: Non-standard Windows controls are supported.
When Secure Recording Mode is enabled:
Images are not captured.