Create new variables

Create new variables for an automation from the Variable Manager.


  1. Go to WorkbenchVariable Manager panel.
  2. Click Add button at bottom or right-click on an existing variable.
  3. Select Add.
  4. In the Add Variable window, the Create New Variable option is selected by default.
  5. Select the variable type.
  6. Enter a name, and select the method for determining the value of the variable.
  7. By default, the variable is disabled for data output and Analytics.
    Select Include in Output to pass the value of the variable at the end of Bot execution back to the Bot Deployment API.
    Note: By default the Include in Output option is not shown in the Add Variable window. It is displayed only when the Allow bot output setting is enabled in the Control Room.

    The Control Room user can view the outcome of the deployed bot by using the Bot Execution Orchestrator > Activity > List API.

    Select Log For Analytics to use the variable for data analysis.