Java Settings

A Java Plugin is required to enable automation of Java applications.

Applying Java Settings

Launch Automation Anywhere in administrator mode in order to be able to configure the JRE settings. Configure the Java settings, by clicking on Tools→Options→Java Settings.

Note: Close any Java applications.
  1. Select the appropriate JRE file from the location by clicking the browse button.
  2. Select 32 or 64 bit configuration and click OK.
    Tip: Configure both 32 and 64 bit JRE settings if both used for recording web-based tasks. Then toggle between 32 and 64 for recording using this option.
  3. The Options window is displayed, click Apply.
  4. Confirm to copy the listed files to selected JRE folder. The settings are added to the Java Runtime Environment List.
  5. Click OK.
Tip: To delete the settings from the list, click the delete icon. Administrator mode is required to make deletions.

To automate multiple Java applications, operating on different JREs, make sure to add all JREs to the Java Settings.

  • While recording a Java application, select the correct JRE from the list and click Apply.
  • It is recommended that installation of the Java plugin from Plugin Settings and use the Java settings option only to add the plugin to a specific JRE.