Delete work items in a queue

Send a POST request from the workload management API to delete specific work items from specific queues.


AAE_Queue Admin role
You need a user account with the AAE_Queue Admin role to query and manage workload queues and work items in an Control Room.
JSON Web Token (JWT)
All Control Room APIs require a JSON Web Token (JWT) to access the APIs. Generate an authentication token using the Enterprise 11 Authentication API.
  • URL: http://<your_control_room_url>/v2/wlm/queues/{id}/workitems/delete
  • Method: POST
  • Use the Swagger definition files installed with your Control Room to test the APIs. View the available Swagger APIs at http://<your_control_room_url>/swagger/.
  • You can also use a REST client to complete this task.


  1. Add an authentication token to the request header.
    Note: Use the Enterprise 11 Authentication API to generate a JSON Web Token.
  2. Select POST as the method.
  3. In the URL, add the id for the queue you are deleting work items from.
    URL example:
  4. Enter the following parameters in the request body.
    Request body:
    { "workitemId": [ 313665 ] }
  5. Send the request.
    • In a REST Client, click SEND.
    • In the Swagger interface, click Execute.
    Response body: