ReadMe files

Submit Digital Workers with ReadMe.txt or .pdf files, which inform end users on how to install and use the Digital Worker.

Every individual Task Bot (.atmx file) must have its own ReadMe. Create a master ReadMe on the overall functions of all the bots. Name the master ReadMe <Digital Worker Name> MasterReadMe.pdf

The contents of each ReadMe file must include the following:

  • Overview: Description of the Digital Worker or individual Task Bot
  • Prerequisites
  • Installation steps
  • For the master ReadMe describing the Digital Worker, include the following:
    • Skill Mapping table: A table describing each Skill, the Task Bot files, and MetaBot files associated with each Skill, and links to the individual ReadMe's for each Task Bot
    • A Visual Workflow that illustrates the steps that the Digital Worker takes in running each Skill (not between Skills)
    • A description of how to use the Digital Worker in practice
    • Any other information required to configure the Digital Worker, for example, Credential Vault Parameters
  • For ReadMe's of individual Task Bots, include the following:
    • Parameter table: A table that lists each Parameter that must be configured by the user for the bot. The table must cover Parameter Name, Type, for example, String, Direction, specifically, Input or Output Variable, and Additional Information that describes the Parameter
    • The following are sample parameters:

      Parameter Name Type Direction Additional Info
      $vUserName$ String Input Username for Application
      $vExcelPath$ String Output Input Excel file path
      $vURL$ String Input URL for Application
      $vPassword$ String Input Password for Login into Application
      $vFileName$ String Input Filename to be uploaded
Note: You must have Parameter tables for inputs and outputs for MetaBots.

As a general principle: include everything in the ReadMe that you would want to see if you had no previous knowledge of the Digital Worker and needed to get it up and running.

In Assets, covers the files to include when submitting your Digital Worker.