Enterprise 11: Run a bot

Bots must be checked into an Control Room repository so that they are available for production deployment. Users with Run my bots privileges can then deploy and execute the bots from the In progress, Scheduled, or My Bots page.


  • Ensure you have Run my bots privilege.
  • Ensure a client with the Bot Runner license is connected to the Control Room.


  1. Log in to the Control Room.
  2. Click Bots > My bots.
    The My bots page with the bots created by users with an Unattended Bot Runner license is displayed.
    Note: You cannot run bots created by users with attended Bot Runner licenses.
  3. Click Run bot > Run bot now.
    The Run bot now page is displayed.
  4. In the Select a TaskBot tab, select a folder that contains bots.

    The TYPE and NAME of the bot are displayed.

    Note: You can only access the folders for which you have Run Schedule privileges.
  5. Select a Task Bot.
  6. Click the right arrow icon.
    The bot is added to the Review dependencies for Files-Folders section.
    Note: When you run a bot, automation can fail if the following occurs:
    • Any of the bot dependencies are missing.
    • You do not have folder privileges for the dependencies.
    • You do not have Run Schedule privileges (the Privilege icon appears).
  7. Click Next.
    Available devices and Bot Runners in the Control Room are displayed.
  8. Optional: Select Run Bot Runner Session on Control Room.
    This allows the Control Room to use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) of the Bot Runner machine to run a scheduled task if it is in locked or logged-off state. This method is recommended when bots are deployed on virtual machines and terminal servers.

    You can also choose to set the RDP screen resolution using the Set bot runner screen resolution option so that the resolution of the Bot Creator and Bot Runner screens match.

    For more details, see Guidelines for RDP-based bot deployment.
  9. Select any bot in the Available bot runners section, and click the right arrow icon.
    Note: You can only select connected Bot Runner devices because disconnected devices are not enabled. Also, if a device is not displayed, ensure that the device has an active Bot Runner session.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Optional: In the General tab, update the Name and Description.
    The [bot name].[DD.MM.YY][HH.MM.SS].[USERNAME] format is available by default, which you can change based on your preference.
  12. Click Run Now.
    The selected bot is initiated and you can view the progress in the In Progress activity page.
    Note: Run now is disabled if the device is disconnected or the required fields are empty.