View details of selected activity from history

View the execution details of a selected bot in the View historical activity page. The page shows details based on activity type such as Run bot or Schedule a bot. You can also run the bot again from this page.


The following permissions are required:
  • View my in-progress activity
  • View everyone's in-progress activity
  • Run/Schedule permission on the corresponding Bot.
Note: You can view the details of the run history of a deleted bot for audit and compliance purposes. However, you cannot run a deleted bot from this page.


  1. In the Historical activity page, select a bot.
  2. Click the View icon for that activity.

    The View historical activity page opens, showing the following details:

    Area Description
    Bot + Dependencies Displays the bot name and name of its dependent bots or files.
    Device Displays the device name of the source Control Room from which the bot was deployed.
    Run Details
    • Progress: Displays color-coded progress in the automation:
      • Red: When automation fails or is stopped with an error message
      • Green: when the automation is completed
    • Percentage of automation completed, stopped, or failed.
    Schedule Details This tab is visible only if the bot is deployed using the Schedule a bot operation.
    • Schedule type: Displays the type of schedule used to deploy the bot. For example, Run once.
    • Next occurrence: Displays the next schedule run date + time.
    • Start/End date: Displays the schedule start and end date + time.
    General details

    Displays the following details:

    • Last Modified: Displays the date and time when changes were last made to the folder.
    • Modified by: Displays the name of the user who last made changes to the folder in date and time.
      Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about the user who last modified the folder.
    • Object type: Displays the activity type - Run Bot or Schedule Bot.