Send Email command

Use the Send Email command to automate tasks relating to sending emails.

Using the Send Email command, users can:
  • Send multiple emails at the same time. Use a semi-colon between each email address.
  • Include attachments with the email.
  • Format the message in HTML.
To send an email, follow these steps:


  1. Click on the Tools menu, and select Options. In the Email Settings, type a Host Name and Port:
    • Host: The SMTP Host enables users to send email from Automation Anywhere. This information is either obtained from the email provider, or from the configuration settings in the email program.
    • Port: This setting defines the TCP/IP port that Automation Anywhere uses to send email.
      Server Host Name Supported Ports
      Outlook/Office 365 25, 587
      Gmail 465, 587
      Yahoo 25, 465
      Hotmail 587
      Enterprise Client client_host_name 1 - 65535
  2. Double-click or drag the Send Email command to the Task Actions List pane.
    The Send Email window will open.
  3. Enter the From, To, CC, and BCC email addresses.
  4. Enter a Subject.
  5. Add attachments:
    • Click the Attach button to attach any file type.
    • Click the Variables button to attach values of all variables.

      This will append a text file that lists values of all the variables (System and User Defined) used in the Task Bot / MetaBot Logic.

      Note: The System Variable Excel Cell will not be attached as the values input are dynamic.
  6. Select either Text or HTML for email format.
  7. Enter the message in the message box.

    Service Cloud case ID: 00825165

    When you save your bot, the font type and size parameter is not saved in the message box. When you edit your bot, the parameter is always set to default font type and size.

  8. Click Save.
If you have issues in sending or accessing emails, see Email Automation/Send Email Command - Not able to send emails or access email from specified mail box (A-People login required).