Manage historical activity

The Historical activity page captures and chronologically lists the automations that have occurred. Use this page to run the activity again and perform other tasks, such as export the data in the table in CSV format, customize columns, or refresh the list in the table.


The following permissions are required:

  • View my in-progress activity permission to see all the completed automations that you deployed or scheduled.
  • View everyone's in-progress activity to see all the automations run or scheduled by other users.

    Note: To view the activities in the Historical activity page, the Run/Schedule permission on the corresponding Bot is required.

You can view the history of a deleted bot if you previously had the permission. However, you cannot run the deleted bot from the Historical activity landing page and the View historical activity page.


  1. View the list of all the activities, which have finished running - successfully or unsuccessfully. For example, if in some cases where an activity failed to run, use this page to verify the status of such an activity.
    Note: The information is captured in the Historical activity page only if the bot is uploaded by the Bot Creator to the Control Room repository.
  2. Apply search parameters to the Status, Device Name, Automation Name, User, and Bot Name columns in the search bar.
    Tip: When you specify search parameters for the same column, the system searches using the OR operator. When you specify search parameters for different columns, the system searches using the AND operator.
  3. Perform the following actions on a column for efficiency:
  4. View the following in the Activity table:
    • Status of the activity such as Unknown, Completed, Failed, Stopped, or Time Out.
    • Name of the Bot Runner (Device name) machine on which the automation was being run.
    • Name of the automation.
    • Name of the Bot.
    • Name of the User under whose account that particular activity/automation was running on the device.
    • Date and time on which the activity was started and completed.
  5. Perform the following table-level actions for a set of multiple activities. These actions can be performed only at a table-level and not on individual items.
    1. Refresh the table.
    2. Export the selected activities in CSV format.
    3. Customize selected columns.
  6. Perform the following tasks on an individual item in the Historical activity page:
    • View details of the activity.
    • Run the bot.
      Tip: Move your mouse over the Actions icon and click the Run icon to run the activity again.
      When you click the Run icon, it opens the Run bot now page with all the values of the bot populated. You can then make changes to the bot and run the bot again.
    • Export data from the table to a CSV file.

      Enterprise 11: Export data to CSV

    Note: When a bot is run locally on an Unattended or Attended Bot Runner or Bot Creator machine, the View and Run bot actions are not available for that particular activity.