Comparing files that reside on the client and server

Automation users can create, upload, edit, and run many tasks, moving task files between the client and server. Maintaining several copies of task files and having multiple users modify single tasks can require users to view how and when a task file was last changed.

You can compare versions of task files that reside on the client and server. Using the Compare File feature, you can compare two different versions of a task file to identify any recent changes. You can view these differences by using the Task Actions List panes that are generated after running the comparison.
Note: In certain scenarios such as disabled actions or other actions, the compare functionality might not detect the differences. For example, if Error Handling is added as the first and last line of a task file, insert, delete, or updates might not be detected correctly.


  1. Launch the Repository facility by clicking the Repository under the Manage tab on the main client screen. Ensure that the client is already registered with the server.
  2. Highlight the task file you want to compare by clicking the file name once, either in the server or client pane.
    If there is a file with a duplicate name in the client or server, the Compare option is enabled.
  3. Click Compare to run the comparison.
    A new window appears with the comparison results. If there are no differences between the files, the following message is displayed at the top: No differences found.

    If there are differences, the number of differences is displayed at the top.

    Differences in the task file actions are displayed in the following colors:

    • BLUE: Changed. Task actions that have been changed are marked in blue.
    • GREEN: Inserted. Task actions that have been newly inserted are marked in green on the client and are shown as a blank line on the server.
    • RED: Deleted. Task actions that have been deleted are marked in red on the server and are shown as a blank line on the client.