Devices overview

A device is an Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client machine that connects you to the Control Room to create or run bots.

Users connected to the Control Room as a Bot Creator or a Bot Runner can be managed from the Control Room.

What are My Devices and why use them?

My Devices is a list of devices registered and connected to your current Control Room instance.

Use My devices with the manage devices privileges to view and manage the registered devices and identify the devices' status (connected or disconnected) from the Control Room instance. See Manage devices.

What are Device Pools and why use them?

Device pools are a logical grouping of similar Bot Runners on which you can run bots with the work item from a queue. For example, you can group devices of a specific department or unit and create a device pool for it.

Use My Device Pool to create and view a list of device pools that are available from the current Control Roominstance. A Device Pool admin can view all the devices that can be used for work items in workload management. You can also create device pools comprising Bot Runners. See Manage device pools.