Control Room interface overview

The Control Room interface provides multiple options to manage and monitor the different components of the RPA infrastructure.

The Control Room interface contains the following components:

  • Navigation pane: Navigate to Dashboards, Activity, Bots, Devices, Workload, Audit log, or Administration. Each view differs depending on the assigned roles and permissions.
  • Details area: View details of users, roles, bots, and so on, depending on the selected option. Create, edit, and delete single or multiple records.

    Navigational breadcrumb trail appears at the top. Use it to return to a previous view.

  • Search and filter: Search or filter data shown in the Details area, and the results are shown in tables. The Control Room displays the last filter applied by each user for every session. The search feature is available on all pages of the Control Room, including Bot Insight.
  • Help: Access links to the following resources:
    • Help with the current page
    • Online documentation
    • Automation Anywhere Support
    • Automation Anywhere Sales
    • Automation Anywhere website
  • Language: Click the globe icon to choose a non-default language for the Control Room interface.
  • Profile: Personalize and maintain your Control Room profile by selecting Edit Profile, Change Password, or Generate API-Key.
    • Change your password: Provide your new password in the Change password form.
    • Edit your profile: Update your first name, last name, or email address in the Edit Profile form.
    • Generate API-Key: Create the API key to use for authentication when using the Control Room Authentication API. This link is available only if the Control Room admin user assigns the Generate API-Key permission to a user role.

      If a user generates a new API key when an API key is already available, it is overwritten. The user can copy the key and use it for authentication for an API call.

    Note: The process of managing your profile is different for an Control Room configured with an Active Directory and one with a non-Active Directory environment. Users cannot configure or make changes to their profile in an Active Directory environment. Users configured with a non-Active Directory environment can change the password, first name, last name, and email address.