Debugging a task

Automation Anywhere enables you to debug your complex automation tasks, which can be useful for automating longer, more complicated business or IT processes.

Enabling Debugging

  1. Open the task in the Task Editor.
  2. Click the Debug menu, and select Enable Debugging.
  3. Use the toolbar to insert breakpoints in your task.
  4. Debug the task one line at a time by using the Step Over (F10) functionality.

You can use the Set SnapPoint feature in a task to capture images of the task while it runs.


  • To debug your task one command at a time, insert a breakpoint next to each command. This makes the task pause at the breakpoint.
  • To insert a breakpoint, select a command and press F9 to insert a breakpoint.
  • To remove a breakpoint, select the command and press F9.
  • Select the Step Over feature to move one command at a time.
  • To clear all breakpoints, click Clear All Breakpoints.
  • To stop debugging, click Debug > Disable Debugging.
    • Automation Anywhere does not save debugging information and breakpoints. When you close the Task Editor, all breakpoints are lost.
    • The Enable Debugging option is not available for a protected bot.