Connect to source Control Room database

Provide the source Control Room database setting and configuration details.


After starting the Migration wizard, connect to the source Control Room 10.x database by doing the following steps:


  1. In the Database tab of the Migration wizard, keep the Use secure connection selected if the SQL instance hosting the 10.x Control Room database is configured with a secure connection.
    Clear this selection if the source SQL Server is not configured with a secure connection.
  2. Provide the Server host name and Server port number of the SQL Server where the Control Room 10.x database is hosted.
  3. Depending on the configured authentication method for SQL Server, do the following:
    1. Microsoft Windows: Keep the Use Windows authentication selected if the source SQL Server is configured using Microsoft Windows authentication.
    2. SQL Server: Clear the selection and provide the Username and Password, if the SQL Server is configured with SQL authentication.
  4. Type the source Control Room database name.
  5. Copy the source Control Room master key and paste it in the Master key field.
    You can now connect to the Credential Vault of the source Control Room. The master key is shown as encrypted after you save the migration process.
  6. Type the source Control Room Repository path.
    This must be a shared path and accessible to the user on the machine doing the migration process in the destination Control Room. Share the source Control Room repository path up to the Automation Anywhere folder path.
    For example, D:\\Data\Automation Anywhere Server Files.
    For a stand-alone source Control Roomwith a repository path set to a local drive, map the 10.x repository path to a shared path and provide read access to the 11.x administrator. However, if it is pointing to a local drive, the settings page of the Control Room 10.x requires no changes.
    Important: Ensure the 10.x repository path is accessible during migration because bot migration fails if the path is inaccessible.
  7. Click Save to skip migrating the Bot Insight database.

    For steps to migrate the Bot Insight database, see Connect to source Bot Insight database.

    Note: You can change the Database connection settings until the migration process starts. The database tab is disabled when the process starts.
    After you click Save, the Control Room verifies the data provided in the preceding steps.
    • If a connection to the SQL server cannot be established, a message is shown suggesting the following:
      • The secure connection is not set correctly.
      • The server host name, port, or database name is incorrect.
      • The Use Windows authentication option is not selected.
      • The username or password is incorrect.
    • If the Master key is invalid, a message instructs you to retry.
    • If the Repository path is incorrect, not shared, or inaccessible, a message advises you to verify that the path is correct and mapped to a shared drive with the required permissions.
  8. Click Next to select migration of data based on roles, users, or bots.

Next steps

If installed, provide the source Control Room Bot Insight database setting and configuration details as the next task. Otherwise, select the type of migration.