Add MetaBot Logic Properties

When you create a MetaBot Logic it is easy to remember what end goal that particular automation achieves.

However, as an automation expert, you would want to integrate MetaBot Logic created by fellow automation experts. Similarly, the automation that you create will be used in other automations.

To help decide which automation logic is viable for use in your or other automation, you can add a description to a MetaBot Logic using the Properties option. This serves as an highly useful contextualized help while using the MetaBot Logics and/or Utilities.

You can also add parameter description to Input, Output or InputOutput variables on similar lines. Refer Adding, Editing and Deleting Variables for details.

Add properties to new logic

To add properties to your Logic,

  1. Create and save a MetaBot Logic.
  2. Open the MetaBot
  3. Go to Logic view
  4. Right click the <Logic>
  5. Select Properties

  6. This launches the Logic Properties window:

  7. In the Description field describe the purpose that this MetaBot Logic will achieve, some useful tips and tricks or any other information that could be useful for using the logic in a TaskBot/MetaBot Logic.

    You can view this description when you are using the Logic from a TaskBot/MetaBot Logic while passing the parameters.

    Tip: You can add maximum 300 characters in the Description field.
  8. Click OK. This saves the description.
    Tip: You can add parameter description from Workbench → Variable Manager → Add variable

Edit logic properties

You can also edit the description field in properties.

  1. To open in edit mode, right-click the <Logic> → select Properties.
  2. This launches the Logic Properties window:

    The parameter description is shown in read only mode which can be added/modified while creating/editing corresponding variables. Refer section on Adding, Editing and Deleting Variables in Creating variables.

  3. Edit the description as required.

    Note: When you open the properties window in edit mode, Details such as Date Created, Author, Date Modified, and Modified by are shown. If the parameter description is added, it is also shown in Input Parameter(s), Output Parameter(s), and InputOutput Parameter(s) fields as applicable.

Add/Edit description in existing 10.x Logic

If you are using MetaBot Logics that were created in any of the AAE 10.x versions, the parameter description will have to be added as it is not updated by default. Refer section on Adding, Editing and Deleting Variables in Creating variables.