Enterprise 11: View work items

View work items with a status of Completed, Unsuccessful, On hold, Active, or Data Error in the View work item page.


Permissions required:
  1. AAE_Queue Admin role.
  2. View and manage my Queues feature permission.
  3. Queue Owner, Queue Consumer, or Queue Participant


  1. Go to Workload > Queues.
  2. Select and open a queue in view or edit mode.
  3. Hover over a work item to view it.
  4. Click the vertical ellipsis button.
  5. Click View.
    The View work item page appears. The page provides details of the work item in four sections- Work Item Details, Work Item, Automation, and Work Item Results.
  6. In the Work Item Details section, view the following:
    1. Status
      1. Successful or Unsuccessful for work items that have failed, are in unknown state or stopped.
      2. Pending for work items that are deferred, new or paused.
      3. Active for work items that are already processed in the queue and are running.
      4. Data error for work items that are being uploaded from the file.
      5. Ready to run for work items that are being processed in the queue.
    2. Status Details
      1. Successful for work item with a status of NA.
      2. Unsuccessful for work items with one or more errors has an Unknown status or is stopped.
      3. Active for work item with a status of NA.
      4. Pending for a work item that is new, deferred, or paused.
      5. Data Error for work items with one or more errors.
    3. Start time and End time: This is shown when the work item is being processed.
    4. Queue Name: View the name of the queue of this work item.
  7. In the Work Item section, view the following:
    1. Attributes of the selected work item.
    2. Audit log comments (if any) that were added when editing the work item.
  8. In the Automation section, view the name of the automation, bot name, and device pool under which this work item was processed.
  9. In the Work Item Results section, view the output status of the work item processed in the Control Room
    Tip: If a chat bot is integrated with the Control Room, the work item status can be shown to a customer by retrieving the result with the help of a REST API. See List all work items in a queue
  10. In the General Details section, view the Last modified date and time, Modified by, and Object type.

Next steps

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