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Create and assign API key generation role

  • 업데이트: 2020/05/06
    • 11.3.x
    • 탐색
    • Enterprise
    • API 문서

Create and assign API key generation role

API key generation is available in Control Room v11.3.2 and later. By default this parameter is not enabled for any of the System-created roles. An administrator is able to create a custom role for API key generation and assign that custom role to users.

This task describes how an administrator can create and assign a custom role for API key generation.


  1. Log in as an administrator to the Control Room.
  2. Go to Administration > Roles.
  3. Click Create role.
  4. Scroll to the API section.
  5. Select Generate API-Key.
  6. Type a unique name in the Role name field.
  7. Click Create role.
  8. Go to Administration > Users, and assign the custom role you just created to non-admin users.
  9. Log in as the user you assigned the Generate API-Key role to.
  10. Under the user name, click Generate API-Key, and copy the API-Key to your clipboard.

Next steps

Use the API-Key to log into an Control Rooms using SSO, or use the API-Key to log in a user without the user's password.
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