Watching Variables

This topic describes how to use the Automation Anywhere Variable Watch feature to watch your variables, when the automated task is running.

To track the progress of variables within the task, Automation Anywhere provides a way for you to watch variables as they change.

This makes the progress of variables easier. This can be achieved using Variable (s) Watch Table feature which is enabled when you are using the debugging mode.

The Variable (s) Watch Table displays current variable values while the task runs, and applies to all types of variables (user and system variables) that are defined for that task.

Using the Variable Watch Table

Variable Watch Table

To use the Variable (s) Watch Table, click the Enable Debugging button at the top of the Workbench. The Variable (s) Watch Table pops up and displays the actual variable values (or what it contains) as the task runs a particular step.

Initially, the Variable (s) Watch Table is empty. Use the Add button to include variables you want to track.

When the Add Variable (s) In Watch window is displayed, select the variables you want to watch and click the Add button.

Any user variables and system variables that are defined for the task can be added to the table.

The Variable (s) Watch Table contains all of the variables selected for watching. The values get populated and changed as the task runs.

For an array variable, the Variable (s) Watch Table shows the column/row value. For example, (1,1) is displayed in the left column (Name) in the table.

You can move the Variable (s) Watch Table, as well as expand it as required.