Silent installation response file

You can perform a silent Enterprise Client installation, also known as unattended installation. It requires a response file, Setup.iss, that is created by recording a first time installation. Silent installation runs the entire installation process in the background, on subsequent machines, without requiring user interaction or displaying messages.


  • Verify that the Enterprise Client prerequisites are met.
  • Verify that Control Room is installed and users are created.
  • Create a response file on one machine.

    This file contains the installation and uninstallation steps that were recorded during the process. See Create a silent install response file.

Use command-line mode or a batch script to invoke the Enterprise Client installer and enable the response file.

Note: The silent installation option is only for installing or uninstalling the product. It's not used for modifying or repairing the installation.


  1. Log in to each machine on which you want to install the Enterprise Client.
  2. Copy the setup.iss response file and the Enterprise Client installer Automation_Anywhere_Enterprise_Client_<version>.exe from a single folder on each machine.
  3. Execute the Enterprise Client installer from the command line or script.
    D:Data\Setup\Setup>Automation_Anywhere_Enterprise_Client_<version>.exe /s
    Note: Use quotations "" in your source file path if it contains any spaces.

Next steps

To update your silent installation, see Silent installation update.