Select roles to migrate

Migrate all or selected roles from the source to the destination Control Room. When you select roles, other related data, for example, licenses, users, credentials, historical activity, and schedules are also migrated.


This tab is shown only if you select Roles and associated data in the Settings tab.

Before selecting the roles, review the following considerations:

  • Bots and files are migrated based on users having at least one folder permission specifically, Upload, Download, or Delete.
  • Migrate all system roles before migrating bots and schedules to ensure that the folder permissions are assigned properly to system roles.
  • The system defined roles from source 10.x Control Room are mapped automatically to the corresponding destination Control Room.
  • Similarly, user permissions from source 10.x Control Room are mapped to the destination Control Room.
  • Roles that have any of the Upload, Download, or Delete permissions, are given Run/Schedule permission by default on migration.
  • User-defined roles with the same name have _1 as a suffix to the name.
  • Schedules from the source Control Room that are already in the destination Control Room are migrated with the same name.
  • For the next migration run, the Available roles list shows all roles, regardless of whether they are migrated.


  1. In the Available roles list, click the check box next to Role Name to select all roles.
    Alternatively, select each role from the list.
    Note: The Available roles show all roles (both system and user-defined) that exist in the 10.x Control Room database.
  2. Add roles to the Selected list.
  3. Click Next.

Next steps

To review and verify data, see the Verify data and migrate task.