Enterprise 11 data connector for Power BI

The data connector for Power BI enables you to establish a secure connection to Power BI, and generate and visualize data analytics. You can connect to the Bot Insight APIs in Power BI and apply specific parameters for each of the APIs.

The connector transforms the Bot Insight API responses to data visualizations in Power BI. The data connector for Power BI connector enables you to perform the following functions in Power BI:

  • Authenticate and connect to the Control Room.
  • Connect to APIs.
  • Generate API responses.
  • Transform the API responses to create a data model.
  • Create visuals, charts or graphs, that provide visual representation of the data.
  • Create reports.
  • Share reports with other users on Power BI.

You can access the following APIs from Power BI:

  • gettaskmetadata
  • getbotrundata
  • gettaskvariableprofile
  • gettasklogdata
  • coe_dashboard

Bot Insight APIs

Microsoft Power BI

Note: Version 11.3.1 and later, Automation Anywhere Power BI connector is certified and available as part of the Microsoft Power BI Desktop August release. The connector is available in the Other section of the Get Data dialog inside Power BI.

If you have not updated your Power BI to the latest certified release version and want to use the connector plug-in, then manually deploy the data connector in Power BI. This enables you to retrieve information from the Bot Insight API for data analytics.