Enterprise 11: Configure Power BI connector

Configure the data connector in Power BI to retrieve information from the Bot Insight API to enable data analytics.


Ensure that your Automation Anywhere Enterprise user name is registered in the Automation Anywhere Control Room and that you have Bot Insight Admin or the Bot Insight COE Admin role, assigned to you.
Note: The Power BI Connector is only supported with Database Authenticated Control Room.


  1. Log in to the Power BI.
  2. Click Get Data.
    The list of all the Power BI certified connectors appear.

    For information about how to access non-certified custom connectors, see Connector extensibility in Power BI.

  3. Select Automation Anywhere and click Connect.
  4. In the Automation Anywhere - Login window, enter the following information:
    1. In the Control Room Version drop-down menu, select the version of the Control Room.
    2. In the Control Room Host field, enter the IP address or the host name of the Control Room server.
    3. In the Bot Insight Host field, enter the IP address or host name of the Bot Insight server.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Automation Anywhere Login window, enter your Bot Insight user name and password.
  7. Click Connect.
    The Bot Insight APIs are authenticated and the authorization tokens are generated. The Bot Insight APIs are loaded dynamically from Swagger, along with the applicable request parameters.
  8. Select the required Bot Insight API from the Navigator menu and enter the information in the respective fields.
  9. Click Load.
    The API retrieves specific information from the server.

    For details on how to retrieve information from Bot Insight APIs in Power BI, see Enterprise 11 Example: Retrieve information in Power BI using business information API.

  10. Click Transform Data to convert the structured JSON response to a visual data model.
    For details about transforming and shaping information, see Transform, shape, and model data in Power BI .
    For information about creating reports and dashboards, see Create reports and dashboards in Power BI.
    For details on collaborating information and reports, see Create reports and dashboards in Power BI.