System Variables

Automation Anywhere provides powerful pre-defined system variables that you can use to design Logic Blocks.

System Variables screen

Note Note: Though similar, not to be confused with System Variables available in Task Editor.

System Variable types that can be used in the Logic Block include:

  • Date/Time: System-related date and time variables.
  • Error Handling: Error Handling related variables.
  • System: Variables specific to a particular client machine.

Date/Time System Variables

This figure displays the date and time system variables

You can use the set of Date and Time system variables to insert or monitor the current date and time of a system as the navigational flow is implemented.

Tip Tip: You can change the date format for the System Date.

Click Format Button to change the date format:

Select Date Format

Error Handling Variables

Error Handling Variables

Use the set of Error Handling system variables to return task error line number and description.

System Type System Variables

This figure displays the type and description of system related variables

You can use 'System' variables to include parameters in your automation task that are related to a particular computer. The variables return actual system settings and parameters, such as RAM, CPU/RAM usage, and total RAM.

Common Use Case: These variables are useful when the performance of a system needs to be tracked during an activity; for instance load testing.

The following table provides names, return values, and descriptions for the system-related system variables.

*When you select the System variable, a menu is displayed from which you can select the specific system variable (see steps below).

Steps to select System from Variables:

  1. Click F2 and you will see Insert Variable window.

  2. Select System and click Insert; a pop up window for System Variable Option appears.

  3. Click OK and insert the System Variable.